Full knowledge and excellent skills in Adobe Creative Cloud
Google Drive & Dropdox
Microsoft 365 & Sharepoint
Trello & Confluence
Hubspot & Slack
Sales Force
Hootsuite & Mailchimp
Survey Monkey


Communication: clarity, empathy, constructive feedback
Teamwork: conflict management, delegation, mediation, collaboration
Problem-Solving: initiative, decision making, negotiation
Creativity: intuitive, insight, experimenting
Time Management: goal setting, planning, critical observation, scheduling, listening
Big picture thinking: confident, inquisitive
Leadership: selflessness, authenticity, versatility, trust
Organised and ran The Women’s College Charity @Home Event to raise money for beyondblue. I was heavily involved in clubs, sport, and college life, as well as academic advocacy and student representation whilst also at College
Research Participant for QUT Marketing and Communication Department
Southbank Triathlon Club (SBTC) member and volunteer: Helping during events; whether it’s setting up the club tent or cheering on other competitors or sharing your bike pump in transition, SBTC is a super inclusive, exciting group to be part of
Recruited as a volunteer QUT ‘connector’ - an ambassador for the uni: Ran QUT Connect O Week sessions, Participated in the LDI (Leadership Development and Innovation Program)
Played and sang at retirement homes: BUPA, Lourdes, Tricare
Triathlons: Being consistent, dedicated and focused with my training to ensure I reach my goals and smash my personal bests
Cooking: Experimenting and trying new recipes
Social cycling: Plan and execute team-based social biking excursions with friends and family
Travel: Planning annual trips to Noosa and also detailed plans to different countries to experience new, exciting cultures
Attending shows and galleries: supporting local art exhibitions and productions
Board games: learning new, intricate board games and playing with friends - using my problem-solving and analytical skills to overcome challenges
Yoga: Practicing yoga helps me to remain calm and maintain control in all situations. It also helps with my other sports and mentality
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